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3 Last-Minute Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts: Pittsburgh Edition

Roses may be red, but your Valentine’s Day can still be green. Instead of opting for stereotypical presents like flowers or chocolates, why not get a gift that keeps on giving – both to your s

weetie and the environment? Not sure what that may be? No worries – your friendly neighborhood environmentalists here at the 

We put our heads together to curate a last-minute eco gift guide for our ‘Burgh friends. So, if you’re still in the market, might we recommend one of these gifts for your Valentine this year?

#1: A Membership to Phipps Conservatory

If your significant other has a weakness for flowers, why bother buying a bouquet that will last a week when, for about the same price, you can give them flowers for the whole year? How? Why, a membership to Phipps Conservatory, of course.

Annual fees range from $60 for students and senior citizens to $250 for the highest-tier membership, which includes a host of benefits like free admission. But membership comes with more than just unlimited tip toes through the tulips and other pretties. Phipps members also receive discounts on educational classes, events, and programs, as well as a subscription to the non-profit’s quarterly magazine, and even discounts at select Pittsburgh-area nurseries.

For more information visit the Phipps website.

#2: Plan an Adventure with Venture Outdoors

The weather is all rain, sleet, and snow this time of year, but Pittsburgh is on the cusp of spring. Get in the swing of things by planning an outdoor adventure with your honey. While the Greater Pittsburgh region has myriad parks and trails to explore, we recommend you check out offerings from our friends at Venture Outdoors.

Venture Outdoors, a member-supported nonprofit, offers a number of outdoor activities for folks of all ages and skill levels. Their goal is to introduce people to the benefits of outdoor recreation, and they offer plenty of opportunities to drink it all in: hikes and kayak trips and geocaching and more.

Check out their website to peruse individual offerings, or spring for a membership, which offers steep discounts on trips, exclusive outings, and other benefits. Bonus: Membership fees help facilitate outdoor opportunities for your fellow Pittsburghers.

For more information on membership, check out the Venture Outdoors website.

#3: Membership to GASP

Let’s face it, the ultimate gift that keeps on givin’ is clean air. Empower your special someone by making them a clean air ambassador. How, you ask? By purchasing a gift membership to GASP. Annual memberships start at just $50 a year, and include myriad benefits including a subscription to our newsletter, as well as action alerts that will not only keep your boo updated on important air quality matters, but also let them know how to quickly and easily act on them.

They will also get exclusive access to GASP meetings and forums, as well as invites to presentations from environmental leaders working on both the regional and national levels. Another stellar benefit? The satisfaction of knowing you’re contributing to better air quality in Golden Triangle.

Did we mention that membership fees and donations are tax-deductible? Learn more by visiting our membership clearing house.

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